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Sun Frog Wood Sealer, Finish & Stain

Sun Frog Wood Sealer, Finish & Stain

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  • Protects exterior wood from fading, cracking, warping, and twisting
  • Highlights the natural beauty of your wood while covering up imperfections.
  • Deep penetrating formula seals out water.
  • Trans-oxide pigments add beautiful color and UV protection.
  • Long-lasting protection - easy to reapply

Made for

  • Decks, fences, shingles, log home siding, gazebos, furniture, and all exterior wood projects
  • Works best with softwoods such as cedar, redwood, pine, fir, hemlock, etc.
  • Great for hardwoods such as teak, walnut, and tigerwood  

How to Apply

  • Check the Weather
    • Temperature must be between 55* - 95*
    • Confirm no rain in the forecast for 48 hours after completion
  • Prepare the Surface
    • Remove any prior stain, seal, or varnish.
    • Clean with Sun Frog Deck Cleaner or pressure wash
    • For weathered/gray wood, recommended to apply Sun Frog Born Again brightener for optimal results
  • Apply Sun Frog Sealer & Stain
    • The surface must be completely dry
    • With a stain applicator pad or natural bristle brush, start in one corner and back-brush the product into the wood
    • Apply as much product the wood will absorb in one coat
    • Do not overapply (for example: liquid puddling up on the surface)
    • Wipe away any excess 1-2 hours after completion  

Coverage Rates

New Wood: 225 - 275 sf per gallon

Weathered Wood: 150 - 200 sf per gallon

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